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He Fooled Penn & Teller! 

Magic, Mind-reading, Message.

We are here to help your business maintain relevance and visibility. 

Call or email today about Live or Virtual magic and mind reading shows, Zoom meetings, and even product placement in our live public video-shows!

Happening Now with Francis Menotti Magic!

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Magic, Music, Life, Death?
This is the most elaborate, immersive magic and theater show we've ever designed, and it's starting March 5th at Black Squirrel Club in Philly! 

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TEDx Penn - Why Magic is for Adults

The right picture frame highlights its content.

In the same way, a themed and captivating magical presentation focuses your audience's attention, creating a positive, indelible impression of your brand, your product, and your event for your ideal clients.

With an advertising and public relations degree and twenty years experience performing professionally for every type of group imaginable, I have the expertise to communicate your message through customized, amazing, and hilarious presentations.

Speaking as invited guest at TEDxPenn: Watch the Video!



has been astounding audiences internationally since 2000. 

His highly innovative, intelligent presentations are sought by prestigious clientele from the sound stages of Hollywood to the Oval Office, the Hollywood Magic Castle to Fortune 500 companies.

As a consultant for film, television, and other magicians, Francis created all of the magic for ABC's crime drama, Deception. A powerful performer in his own right, Francis can be seen in front of the camera fooling Penn & Teller on their hit show Fool Us, (in 2015 and 2020) and  on  Masters of Illusion in 2019.


A leading creative designer of custom magic for theatre, television and film projects:

  • Travel Channel's Dan White Magic Special

  • 2013 feature "The Immigrant”

  • Illusion designer: The Geffen Playhouse "Mysterious Circumstances" - 2019

  • David Kwong’s New York theater show,
    “The Enigmatist”


Francis Menotti dedicates himself to consistently improving the art of conjuring, earning the humbling title, “The future of magic!” (Teller)


The CW show features some of the best magicians around the world as they try to fool the brilliant Penn & Teller at their own game. Francis is among the small percentage of magicians to succeed in that endeavor in 2015, with a repeat appearance on the show in 2020!



Virtual show screenshot from 2020

It's a new reality we're embracing! The business seminars, virtual happy hours, client appreciation–we are all looking for lively engagement and relevance in 2020. 

Francis draws from his expertise on and behind the camera to create personal, interactive experiences that reach right through the screen with powerful memories of the impossible and inspiring.

History Museum of Philadelphia, Private Event

From cocktail parties at US Presidential Inaugurations for Barack Obama to the formal Close Up room of Hollywood’s Magic Castle, Francis integrates wit, charm, and devilishly clever sleight of hand for the most discerning audiences around the globe.

Francis seamlessly intertwines casual, friendly banter with stunning moments of magic and mind reading that create personal, unbreakable memories for everyone present. His attention to your guests’ styles and tastes is equally perfect for the corporate hospitality suite and the lavish wedding reception, alike.

Francis performing at Monday Night Magic


Hilarious, interactive, and highly original. Francis customizes his stage performances for groups of 50-5000 guests, from 30-75 minutes and anywhere in between. He incorporates a balance of traditional classic magic with pieces that are solely unique to his repertoire, offering a show focused on warping the audience’s perception of reality while making you the true star for putting together a truly successful evening of entertainment.

For special occasions such as product launches, marriage proposals, or other extravagant occurrences, Francis can create custom presentations that uniquely highlight the importance of your event.

Francis and Lindsey- Chris K Photography


​Francis teams up with his partner (on and off the stage) Lindsey Noel to present a dynamic and comedically romantic tour de force of mind-reading and mayhem. Together, they banter while building (and showing) each other up, amazing the audience in increasingly more impressive fashions. Part mind reading, part magic, part stage illusion, the duo generates a high-energy, momentum-gathering whirlwind of impossibilities while painting an audience-wide smile across the faces of your guests.

A few of the companies Francis has worked for
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