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This is near and dear to me.


What if the physical properties of two items suddenly changed places? If the ice cube became a glass block and the drinking glass was ice? ​

In Boxed, a simple wooden box is displayed, and opened to reveal a pack of playing cards. The deck is dumped out, and the box tabled. A card is signed and lost in the deck, with the promise that it will appear inside the box.  But where's the box?

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The wooden box has suddenly become a stack of wooden slats, and the deck is now a hollowed-out pack of cards. Sure enough, inside is the signed card!

You'll Receive
~ The finely finished wooden "box," hand-crafted by master woodworker Jayme Guokas
~ Precision engineered gaffed deck by Jay Roberts
~ Full Boxed Routine, script, blocking, and evolution. (This is the deck/box transpo, NOT the bill re-appearance in box)
~ Full explanation of Francis's 2020 Fool Us routine, including the bill vanish and the psychological ploys he used
~ Influencing the editing process in magic for tv
~ Alternate handlings including the use of a "regular deck" before performing Boxed

"We know that you're obsessed with composition; it's one of the things you're best at." - Penn Jillette

At the Chicago Magic Lounge, 2018

Penn & Teller Fool Us, 2020

Care takes time!

Because each of the parts are hand made and the total run is limited to 100, ever, there may be a 4-6 week turn around time from when you order to when you receive boxed. That said, I will keep you posted as to exactly when it ships.

Also, if you and/or a small group have an interest in booking a Boxed workshop, send an email and I'll fill you in on the price discount, requirements, etc. Thanks!

Boxed - $325 USD
(plus shipping)


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