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What if the physical properties of two items suddenly changed places? If the ice cube became a glass block and the drinking glass was ice? ​

In Boxed, a simple wooden box is displayed, and opened to reveal a pack of playing cards. The deck is dumped out, and the box tabled. A card is signed and lost in the deck, with the promise that it will appear inside the box.  But where's the box?



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The wooden box has suddenly become a stack of wooden slats, and the deck is now a hollowed-out pack of cards. Sure enough, inside is the signed card!

You'll Receive
~ The finely finished wooden "box," hand-crafted by master woodworker Jayme Guokas
~ Precision engineered gaffed deck by Jay Roberts
~ Full Boxed Routine, script, blocking, and evolution. (This is the deck/box transpo, NOT the bill re-appearance in box)
~ Full explanation of Francis's 2020 Fool Us routine, including the bill vanish and the psychological ploys he used
~ Influencing the editing process in magic for tv
~ Alternate handlings including the use of a "regular deck" before performing Boxed

"We know that you're obsessed with composition; it's one of the things you're best at." - Penn Jillette

At the Chicago Magic Lounge, 2018

Penn & Teller Fool Us, 2020

Buy it before Thanksgiving, 2020 (November 26), and save $55 USD. The FIRST TEN PURCHASED will receive Boxed and its video download the week of Boxing Day (December 26, 2020).

Only the first ten orders are guaranteed to ship the week of December 26, 2020. After the first ten, we will advise as to the expected completion date per our woodworker's ability to manufacture. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Boxed - Presale $295 USD
(plus shipping)


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