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Birthday Magic
with Whiskey and Cigars!


Hi, Kim- It was lovely speaking with you. based on our conversation, here are a few ideas for the February 4 (Next week!) birthday party you're organizing.


I've lead off with the main type of magic we already discussed, but am providing a few different options to consider--if not for now, for sometime in the future. Everything is customizable and can be mixed and matched to what you think would work best for you and your guests.

Also, last year I coincidentally wrote a show for cigar lounges, creating magic specifically with whiskey's and cigars. So this match up couldn't be more perfect! 

If you need other options or have any questions, please give me a call. Looking forward to speaking again, soon!

Also, if interested: here are links to my two Penn & Teller Fool Us appearances from 2015 and 2020:



Magical options to consider for a certain 59-year-old Birthday Party:

Interactive Strolling Magic and Mind Reading, Plus Short Featured "Stage" performance with the birthday guest. For all of the guests (perfect to engage and entertain guests throughout the event without interrupting the flow of other activities going on. This is a mixture of sleight of hand and mind-reading magic; strong interactive impossibilities mixed with fun, light-hearted interaction to get (and keep) everyone talking. I recommend two hours if the number of guests you're having stays around 80.

Towards the end of my stay, I can set up a brief (5 minute) performance piece where the guest of honor performs a fun and funny mind reading bit (no practice necessary for this!) or some other customizable magic moment as part of the event. If you choose to go this route, I'll detail out exactly what you and the audience will experience so there will be no unwanted surprises or stress from this on the day.

~ $1200 

Francis Menotti 30-45 minute Stage Show with custom presentations that highlight the theme/ birthday star, plus an hour of strolling magic and mind reading

~ $1800

"Couple of Magicians" Show:  This duo show with my partner Lindsey Noel is a fast, fun, and funny presentation of magic that caters to your families and guests with customized magic and the opportunity to make guest(s) of honor magically appear. Alternatively to have them involved in some featured magical moment where they become the magician.

To see more of Couple of Magicians, visit our main page!


~$2800 without "appearance" illusion

Thanks! I'm happy to discuss mixing and matching or finding other options that would best suit your needs. I realize based on our talk today that limited space of the restaurant probably makes it unlikely to pursue the bigger illusion options, but they're listed here for completion or future consideration.

Talk soon- Thanks!

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