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Kacey Musgraves


Time is short, but we can do this. Looking forward to working

with you soon!

The proposal:

My partner and I will brainstorm and workshop preliminary ideas for magic tricks that are easy to do (for Kacey) and require minimal reset.

We will overshoot the number of requested tricks (six) and try for at least 10-12 with the realization that, in our experience, many get cut last minute for a variety of reasons.


We will send a preliminary list of trick ideas, sketches, rough videos, and potential methods after three full (12-hour) days of R&D. After this, we can discuss, assess, and prioritize which tricks we work into the video.


After this, we can discuss the logistics (building, traveling, shooting) of moving forward.


What we need to move forward:

Briefly- what did not work before? We understand that one of the hopes is the appearance of a puppy. Difficult, but not out of the question. Are there other tricks/ideas to steer clear of?


-What items are/have to be on set?

-Will Kacey be playing guitar or only singing? The former makes a lot of things exponentially more difficult.

-Are the other gifts you have in mind? Any to avoid?

-With the hopes of keeping most of the magic practical, is it possible to use any chroma green to assist in hiding props or methods?

-When will the set be built and will we be able to work with your prop master and carpenter in order to have some items adjusted to accomplish the tricks? 

It will be necessary for us to speak with the director, DP, artistic director, and eventually Kacey (even just a 5 minute Skype) to introduce ourselves and get on the same page. Our goal is to make this part of the process as smooth and low-stress as possible. Communication is the key!

While we will attempt to make the magic as easy to do as possible, magic is not easy; there is no such thing as a truly self-working trick, but we will shift that level of difficulty as low as possible.

Fee structure:

-$10,000 total for consult (not including travel): split between remote R&D and on location for shoot date(s)


       -$2,500 up-front for three days of preliminary development (see above)

       -$7,500 for completion of the ideas, rehearsal, and magical direction on the day

       -Round trip air fare for my partner and myself (PHL to LAX) for shoot days.

       -We do NOT need hotel for this, but would need either a rental car or coverage for Uber trips to and from set.

If this all looks acceptable, we can get started! (I may already have a few ideas bouncing around. It's hard to resist!) Thanks again. We look forward to speaking with you further, soon!

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