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magic with Mobile Cigar Lounge!


Hi, Joey- It was great speaking with you briefly the other day. As promised, here is a sample page I send out to prospective clients. I adjust the details and wording depending upon what they're looking for. Everything is customizable and can be mixed and matched to create the best experience possible!

I'd love to chat further about what we might be able to create and offer together. If you  have any questions, I'm happy to answer. Looking forward to speaking again, soon!

Magical options to consider for your events:

"Couple of Magicians" Show:  This duo show with my partner Lindsey Noel is a fast, fun, and funny presentation of magic that caters to your organization with customized magic and the opportunity to make your CEO (or other special guest) magically appear. Alternatively to have them involved in some featured magical moment where they become the magician.

To see more of Couple of Magicians, visit our main page!


~$2900 without "appearance" illusion

Francis Menotti 30-60 Minute Stage Solo Show with custom presentations that highlight the organization, plus an hour of strolling magic and mind reading ~ $2200

Interactive Strolling Magic and Mind Reading for all of the guests (perfect to engage and entertain guests throughout the event without interrupting the flow of other activities going on. An hour or so would be perfect for the number of guests you're having.

~ $1800 (Francis or Lindsey)

~ $2200 (Both)

Thanks! I'm happy to discuss mixing and matching or finding other options that would best suit your needs.

Visit my main site to learn a bit more about Francis Menotti Magic HERE.

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