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Virtual Creativity!

Francis Menotti Zoom Lecture

There is beauty in the virtual format: Every lecture attendee is granted an up-close and personal view of the inner workings of magic!

Join me for over 90 minutes of sleights, stories, and structuring your magic​

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A lecture for beginners and pros alike,

I'll teach new sleights, finesses on old ones, and secrets to increasing the impact of the magic you already do.

I will also give behind the scenes anecdotes from “Fool Us” as well as my work on consulting for network TV.

You'll Learn:

Two Sides of Every Coin - an absurd but logical reason for how coins can appear and disappear, featuring the deceptive "Nevermore" vanish of a single coin.

This is Real - whimsical, theatrical bit with a pen and your hand (or a blank index card) that shows words aren't always necessary for magical story-telling

Ins and Outs - a favorite closer of Francis' that gives a good reason to learn (or perfect) your faro shuffle

Wordsmyth - the Scrabble trick I used to fool Penn & Teller, how it works and how I've managed to adapt it (and other pieces) for the virtual realm.

Also discussed:

Backstage consulting for theatre, film, and television, including my year working on the network TV series, "Deception."

Boxed! (the trick I presented this past season of Fool Us and why I structured it the way I did, as well as working  with the editors to make misdirection-based magic feasible for television. 

We'll delve into more tricks and stories than the above, contingent upon YOUR interest, questions, and requests! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

"The Future of Magic!" - Teller

"Very Clever stuff!" - Steve Martin

Products for Sale?

Why, I'm so glad you asked! Yes, I have a few tricks and PDF notes for sale, along with my Treachery of Tricks DVD (now as instant Download) that can be ordered and shipped during or at the end of the lecture for a discounted price. 

Promotion code and pricing will be available on the day of the lecture for 24 hours following.

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Looking for the trick I used to fool Penn & Teller in 2015? Wordsmyth is available directly through Vanishing Inc's site. Find that and my Rubik's Cube magic square effect, Cubic, here:
Even better: use the code FMGenii for 20% off your order!

Thanks again! And if you have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to as we figure out this strange new world, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Your friend in magic,



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