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This is near and dear to me.


And I'm so delighted and honored that you have purchased it! May it bring you as much joy in performance as it has me.


On this page you'll find the intro and instructional videos, as well as a couple of close-up/insert  videos for extra clarification, my Fool Us performance with my commentary, and "Nailed It," the bill vanish that Penn unwittingly titled. Enjoy! And don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

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Let's Start with Performances:
Click here to jump down to Boxed Explanations
Or here to jump to Nailed-It Explanations
And HERE is a Dropbox link for all of the videos for Boxed and Nailed-It. Enjoy!
~ Chicago Magic Lounge
~ Penn & Teller Fool Us 2020
~ PTFU early audition video of Boxed (with bill vanish)

"We know that you're obsessed with composition; it's one of the things you're best at." - Penn Jillette

At the Chicago Magic Lounge, 2018

Penn & Teller Fool Us, 2020

PTFU Audition Video 2018

Boxed Instructional Videos

Intro to Boxed

Introduction and handling of the basic routine.

Shuttle Pass Focus

Detailed, slow handling of the shuttle pass with gimmick and box. (No sound)

Bottom Palm Focus

Clear and exposed bottom palm handling.

One-Handed Card Fold Focus

One handed card fold from Expert Card Technique.

Full Card Sequence

Regular Deck Option

How to begin Boxed with a regular deck (before switching in the gimmick.)

Stealing the Deck

(No Jacket)

For performing without a jacket or through the virtual realm.

VIP Bonus Routine: Chromatose

Just for pre-orders and workshop attendees.

Credits and Thanks!

Instructional Vids
Nailed-It Bill Vanish 
Instructional Videos

Nailed-It Introduction

Nailed-It Construction:

Materials Needed

Nailed-It Construction:

Building the Gimmick

Performance Technique

Nailed It

There you have it! Thanks so much, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests. I look forward to seeing your own usage of Boxed and Nailed-It! 




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